Slideshow Art

I’ve been playing with a new format for my art, creating slideshows and loading them onto digital frames.

“The Gate (Le Portail)” is showing right now at the Apache Cafe in Atlanta until February 22, 2010. A fantasy in French, it portrays the tingly anticipation of meeting a lover. The idea started with a sketch of a French gate from my architecture book. I was practicing drawing facial expressions at the time, and added a couple of those, along with a short poem. This gave me four frames for a comic strip that I published under the pen name Hi Day in 2009. For the final slideshow, I added three drawings from several years ago, to help fill out the story.

“Star Signs” is showing at the Atlanta Artists Center through the first week of March. It is a new series, inspired by a recent early-morning walk. The stars were twinkling in the sky, and the pretty sliver moon was resting sleepily in the tree branches. I sketched several cresent moons, but I couldn’t get the shape right. In frustration, I surrounded my moons with some quick star doodles. I found these random squiggles to be the best-looking thing on the page! It seemed like a sign to keep doodling, and stop trying quite so hard.

“My Japanese Dream” was originally titled “Boggle Poem #3: Yew.” In the summer of 2008, I was writing poems from lists of words I generated playing the game Boggle. The series of drawings of Japanese design motifs was created for a folding screen I used in a November 2008 art show. The yew poem was a good fit for the theme. It is showing at the Atlanta Artists Center through the first week of March.

“Electric Blue” was my first slideshow created for a digital frame. I started with a garden photo, modified in Photoshop to these electric red and blue colors. The poem it inspired was a little too long to fit nicely in my final image. I considered getting a print made for an upcoming art show, but I knew the colors wouldn’t be as vibrant as they appeared on my computer screen. That’s when I decided to try the digital frame as a medium more true to the digital art form I was creating. It also allowed me another format for showcasing my longer poems.


4 Responses to “Slideshow Art”

  1. Zachary Jean Says:


  2. opoetoo Says:

    this is great stuff the last two I really like.
    I want the last one to have about 100 more slides.
    I got lost in those colors.

  3. Vance Cox Says:

    Love your “Japanese Dream”!

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