Gone Sailing

A work in progress for the “Nautical” theme at Marietta Square Artist’s Attic for the August 7 Art Walk.

Started with an old newspaper.

A layer of black gesso.

And colorful acrylics.


Red Flowers on Rolling Hills

Board created from shredded paper.

Old frame gets a makeover.

Gold paint on everything!

The rolling hills are ready for flowers.

All done, and ready to hang at Marietta Square Artist’s Attic.

The Heart Labyrinth Project: The Race is On!

Sneak peek of “Hearts On Fire,” 8″x8″ mixed media, copyright 2013 Shelley M. House.

It’s mixed media madness! February 1st marks my 2-year anniversary at the Art Forum at DuPre’s Antique Market. I want to celebrate with a new exhibit, featuring my Heart Labyrinth Project. That gives me less than 2 weeks to complete as many pieces as possible.

I’m so excited about some new techniques I’m trying, inspired by Seth Apter’s DVD, “Easy Mixed Media Techniques for the Art Journal.” His process is easy, and fun! I love Seth’s art, and learning a few of his secrets is helping my art grow in leaps and bounds.

I can’t wait to show you more, but right now, I have a lot of art to do!

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Finding the Sweet Spot: My new Infinity series

I painted two new pieces today! I was trying to figure out just the right spot to work. The Whitlock Gallery, located in the cool old warehouse space behind the Art Forum at DuPre’s Antique Market, is a fun place to set up to work on my larger pieces.

The color is hot over here, cold over there...

This spot looks good.

Leftover pizza is essential fuel for creativity.

Two swipes and I'm tempted to call it done.

I want more drips, so I add more wet paint.

These two paintings are actually tests for my larger piece, Yellow Infinity Flower. I’m going to try two different finishes on these, one gloss and one matte. I can’t wait to see how they turn out.

I picked out new flower bulbs for my garden this week. I love the yellow daylilies getting ready to sprout from the garden right now. They are my “infinity” flowers, coming back again and again, through drought and flood. They are the inspiration for my new series.

Shelley, The Destroyer: My creative reign of terror

Ok, maybe my title is a little dramatic, but who doesn’t love a good drama? A fringe benefit of creating my art is that I am entertaining people. I have been blogging for almost 5 years now, hoping my audience will find me.

I had the great honor this month of being found by Charlotte Pietrowski with the Marietta Gazetta. She has become a fan of my altered books, and she wrote a wonderful article about them for her website. Click here to read “Marietta Artist, Shelley M. House Destroys Books.”

Charlotte has inspired me to get more pages from my Liquid Topaz project printed so I can share them with a wider audience at the Art Forum. Thank you Charlotte!

"Liquid Topaz, page 107," 7x5inches, mixed media, copyright 2011 Shelley M. House.

Chasing the Sun, Catching the Stars

Friday was the kind of day when I find the sun peeking in the windows in interesting new ways. The sun was coming through the blinds to make stripes on my plant for just a few minutes.

Then I found the trees reflected in some caramel.

Lunchtime was a special treat. The Big Mac is a beautiful thing!

I found this stripey star out in the play area.

I’d been thinking about a new project involving stars, and this fun little outing was just the inspiration I needed.

It’s been a long time since I’ve worked with clay. It’s so much fun! I wish I could take more photos while I’m working on these new stars, but my fingers get too messy to touch the camera.

I finished 4 stars yesterday, and have 3 more in the works right now. I look forward to hanging them in the gallery this week, along with a brand new large print.

A Challenge! Crashing Into Canvas

I’ve been challenged to paint on canvas, something I’ve never done before. I already conquered my fear of white paper. So, what will I do now about my fear of the blank canvas? I’ll keep you posted!

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