Ismene Says Peace


My Ismene stencil is back — because why make a stencil if you’re not going to use it multiple times?

I really liked how my yellow lines against black turned out in my Hope piece, so for this I wanted to try white on black.


Doodles and Daffodils


In this piece, I’ve played with transparency vs. opacity. I alternated black lines over a solid yellow background with yellow lines over the dark parts of the photo.

I used a grey mask behind the text. The yellow text was still a little hard to make out, so I added a drop shadow, plus bevel and emboss, to give it more dimensionality.

Love Doodle


This doodle is layered over one of my red flower pics. In between the layers is some masking. Black masking lets the photo show through entirely. Grey masking at the upper and lower doodled parts looks more translucent.

The yellow matches my new flower series. The font, Segoe Print, matches my Ismene piece.

Do any of you have a favorite source for flower bulbs? I want to plant more Ismenes.



Another flower! This one is similar to my Stokes Aster and Honeysuckle. I used the Posterize adjustment in Photoshop, and added the text in Eras Bold ITC font.



A Methodology for Fierce Love


What does it mean to love fiercely? Right now, to me, it means increasing my capacity to love far beyond my comfort zone.

This is another masking experiment, combining a flower photo, text and doodling. The best way to explain my process is to show you a screen shot of the layers in Photoshop.


I started with the photo on Layer 1.

Then I typed the text Fierce Love over the top of the photo, spending plenty of time picking out a font. This is one of my favorite parts. I ended up using Segoe Print.

To use the text as a mask, I had to move it one layer below the photo (more on how to mask at this video from Howard Pinsky — yes, I keep going back to watch it, since I don’t have the process memorized yet).

Layer 4 is a yellow background, using a shade that I sampled from an earlier flower photo. I keep using the same yellow to give my current series some consistency. A big difference with this piece is the size. I optimized the aspect ratio (before I started anything else) for viewing on a Facebook mobile newsfeed, since I love to share my art at my Facebook page.

I created Layer 2 to doodle around the text, making sure my layer background was transparent before I started drawing.

Next is where some finessing came into play, taking advantage of my mask over the photo on Layer 1. I painted white on the mask under the doodling. This allowed the photo to show through. But since some of the photo is dark, the black lines of the doodle weren’t showing. So I painted some black back into the mask, which allowed more yellow to show through underneath. Since I am still learning, there is a lot of trial and error involved. But masking keeps the original pixels intact, so it’s easier to experiment.

It almost looked done, but the “L” with the yellow flower showing through didn’t stand out much from the yellow background. I created the black Layer 5 at the bottom, then made a mask on Layer. Doodling in black on the mask allowed the black layer to show through the yellow.

Then it was done!



I’m on a roll, pulling up my flower pics and giving them a graphic art spin.