Seeing Stars

I had to giggle at myself last week. I was reading my post about my first wishing star, pondering that first inspiration at McDonald’s. Then I looked up, and was flabbergasted. I was surrounded by stars!

I count at least 14 stars at this window.

Apparently, I’ve been collecting stars for years, but didn’t notice my “collection” until just now.

How many times have I been down this path without looking where I was going.

I wrote that in a poem several years ago, and here it is again, staring me in the face. Everyday things can become lost to our vision. Almost invisible.

There’s 11 more stars over here, plus 3 hearts.

Ok, so my affinity for hearts and stars goes back much further than I can remember. I’m curious now how many I actually have. But since I keep making more, the number will never be finite.

“Blue Jade in the Dragon’s Tail,” mixed media, 7 inch, copyright 2012 Shelley M. House.

Have you ever collected anything without realizing it? Have your cherished possessions become invisible?


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