Beachside Doodle

I sat down to doodle some trees, and this is what I got.

The colors reminded me of a beach instead. I can’t remember the last time I was at a beach. Maybe 1999? Back then, 2012 seemed so far away.

I’ve been reading a lot of lists of resolutions and predictions for 2012. Barney Davey’s list of Three Words for 2012 inspired me to share my “Buzzword for the Month,” or week, or whenever I think of a better buzzword…

Portability — That’s my magic word of the moment. I need to gather my collection of portable art tools so I can create wherever I am, at any time. I have a goal to produce a lot more art, and I rarely have hours to spend working in my studio. I can take advantage of every moment if I have the right tools with me. My new Wacom is much smaller than my last one, and I think I found a pen setting that is similar to the brush pens I like to use, so I plan on bringing it with me to all of my favorite doodling spots.


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