Crashing Into Canvas: A Splash of Coffee

I’m getting set up to start my first painting on canvas. There’s nothing to be afraid of, really. Canvas isn’t really much different than paper, except for all those holes…

I pulled together what painting supplies I have around the house — brushes I had stashed away, a cup of strong coffee,

and some paint. I have only a couple colors in acrylic, and a few watercolors that haven’t dried up yet.

My fish spied on me from inside the mouth of his dragon, wondering if I was ever going to start painting.

Did I take a lot of photos to avoid starting my painting? Yes. Yes I did.

But eventually I got around to it. I started by making my canvas less white. I tried coffee first, but it wasn’t dark enough. So here is my splash of burnt umber watercolor —

I’m not sure what this will turn out to be yet. I’ve been daydreaming about adding random splashes of color, but I really want this to look like something recognizable when I’m done.

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