Liquid Topaz: Useful Sounds

"Liquid Topaz, page 77," 5x7inches, mixed media, copyright 2011 Shelley M. House.

would be a very useful sound;
small, pound blindly

I’ve been noticing some of my patterns are “noisier” than others. The connection between my linework and sound jumped out at me in this piece, inspired by Kung Fu Panda 2. The tight lines in the background create an interesting static in contrast to the soft lines of the water.

"Liquid Topaz, page 77" in progress. Page 75 becomes the stencil.

"Liquid Topaz, page 77" in progress. Copyright 2011 Shelley M. House.

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2 Responses to “Liquid Topaz: Useful Sounds”

  1. Zachary Jean Says:

    “small, pound blindly” — i love that, what a fascinating image, both with the background ripples and the words themselves. bravo!

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