Strawberry Moon comes to Marietta Square

"Strawberry Moon," 11x17inches, digital art, copyright 2011 Shelley M. House.

Yippee! My new Strawberry Moon print arrived today. I’ll be framing this for the Artists Market this Saturday, June 11, from 9am to noon at Marietta Square.

I have enjoyed pulling out my older poems to share with you again. I wrote Strawberry Moon in the summer of 2008. That’s when I first read in the Farmers’ Almanac about the different names Native Americans have for the full moon each month. The moon has always been one of my favorite subjects to write about, and June’s Strawberry Moon definitely inspired the romantic in me.

My mouth
feels empty
under this
Strawberry Moon.
Come fill me with
your sweet, juicy words.

This strawberry image is from a photo I took in my garden in 2009, and I posted it here in my blog, along with a Spanish translation. It is not the most perfect specimen of a strawberry, and I’ve been reluctant for 2 years to get it printed. But I finally decided that the imperfections are what make it most appealing to me, and I’m happy to be unveiling it on it’s anniversary.

One Response to “Strawberry Moon comes to Marietta Square”

  1. Maria Salazar Says:

    thank you for this explanation … I love the full moon light …every full moon is a new experience for mee<3

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