Color Me Happy

Which color in the crayon box makes you the happiest?


5 Responses to “Color Me Happy”

  1. Viv Says:

    oooh choices……
    it rather depends how I was feeling to start with but shades of sku blue usually do the business. But then bright pink or purple call me too…..

  2. Gino Says:

    Green, feels natural…

  3. Zachary Jean Says:

    I was always happy with the brightest, hottest pinks I could find (though truth be told they all tasted the same)

  4. Cause Rainy Day « Sitting Pugs: Sports Movies Says:

    […] Don’t throw away your old crayon wrappings. […]

  5. Allison Says:

    Orange. I used to love Magenta the most.
    Now I’m thrilled to have more orange in my life.
    You’re right they do all taste the same.
    If only crayola could come up with new tastes and smells for crayons.

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