Meet Me on the Blue Moon

For the next stop on my phosphorescent travels, I wanted to create a cafe scene similar to my “Magic Coffee Cup.” But where that piece looked more Moroccan, this one is more, well, Alien.


2 Responses to “Meet Me on the Blue Moon”

  1. Zachary Jean Says:

    Actually, I beg to differ, This has a certain Arabian feel to it too. There is that certain shade of blue found in North African architecture and art, and (perhaps due to be surrounded by endless dim sand) reminds me of the possibility of water even when there is none to be seen. Your art reminds me of the same thing, though not in context of sand dunes, rather what a subterranean lagoon might look like (and what subterranean lagoon worth its salt doesn’t have coffee, I ask you!) Bravo!

  2. shelleymhouse Says:

    What a fascinating interpretation! Thank you 🙂

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