Luna de la Fresa (Strawberry Moon)

Strawberry Moon
My mouth
feels empty
under this
Strawberry Moon.
Come fill me with
your sweet, juicy words.

Luna de la Fresa
Mi boca
siente vacía
debajo de esta
Luna de la Fresa.
Venido lléneme de
sus palabras dulces y

Art by Shelley © SMH

Do you know Spanish? I welcome any suggestions on my translation.


8 Responses to “Luna de la Fresa (Strawberry Moon)”

  1. Victoria Says:

    Hello, i am from Venezuela and i speak english, of course spanish, but your translate wasn’t the best, the correct translation is this one, as a matter of fact, is more elegant.

    Mi boca
    se siente vacía
    debajo de esta luna de fresa.
    Ven, lléname
    con tus dulces y jugosas palabras.

    I hope it helps you.

  2. Charles Says:

    I used to know someone who went by “Strawberry Moon”
    I like the poem, it’s very gentle and suits the image beautifully.

  3. viv66 Says:

    This is a wonderful picture and the poem seems as sexy…

    • shelleymhouse Says:

      Thanks Viv! I tried to grow strawberries this year. I got just a couple pics, including this one, before some critter got to them. I’m going to guess a squirrel. I watched squirrels eat the mushrooms in my yard a couple week ago.

  4. viv66 Says:

    We have black currants and raspberries out back; nothing nicks the blackcurrants, and no one seems to know what the rasps are yet either. The lettuce, spinach and courgettes seem surprisingly free of slugs too. I’d expected the sparrows to peck the lettuce to bits, but I don’t think they’ve ever seen if before and don’t realise it’s edible!!
    I wandered round the back garden last night in my pj’s, it was glorious. I planted a lot of night scented stock a while back and that and the honeysuckle were giving off perfume fit for a queen. I’m just glad we’re not really overlooked by anyone; plus my pjs are quite modest really. Very tranquil after a hard and confusing day at work.

  5. Strawberry Moon comes to Marietta Square « Art by Shelley ~ Life * Love * Coffee Says:

    […] strawberry image is from a photo I took in my garden in 2009, and I posted it here in my blog, along with a Spanish translation. It is not the most perfect specimen of a strawberry, and […]

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