Mushroom Magic

All the rain we’ve been getting lately has created ripe conditions for mushrooms to sprout up in my yard. They are fascinating, and I like to imagine myself 1″ tall, standing underneath them.

Did you know that the largest living organism is a fungus? It lives underground, covering over 2,200 acres, and is estimated to be about 2,400 years old. How cool is that?!? Extreme Animals


2 Responses to “Mushroom Magic”

  1. viv66 Says:

    A riddle I give my students…
    What room has no windows and no doors?
    Of course, they go through things like prison cells and so on and eventually give up, to be told…a MUSHroom.
    Sometimes they just hate me!

  2. shelleymhouse Says:

    Aw, I’m sure they love you the rest of the time! 🙂

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