Rattle the bones

Progress on my stained-glass design is as slow as a turtle, but the abundance of rain has inspired this little poem and shell art.


7 Responses to “Rattle the bones”

  1. viv66 Says:

    I own a set of Witchdoctor bones from somewhere in the bush in S Africa… but I don’t get on to well with them because the method is too deeply set in the African culture. I shall stick with Tarot and runes, I think!
    ps. the bones were a present!

  2. shelleymhouse Says:

    What a unique gift to receive! I think I would be reluctant to use them myself, although that was the image I had in my head while I was working on this. I was trying to find some videos of someone using a turtle drum. I found a couple, but the other instruments were too loud for me to hear what the turtle drum sounded like. I also found a lot of neat Native American rattles made out of turtle shells.

  3. viv66 Says:

    The original lyre was made with a turtle shell. I recall some tale from Greek mythology about Apollo sneaking out of his cradle to make it.
    The friend whoi gave me the bones travels extensively and these days he tends to send me(or bring back for me) a rock from each place he visits. So I have in my collection such wonders as a rock from base Camp at Mount Everest, plus a rock from as far up the final ascent it’s possible to go without then making the final ascent, plus rocks from lots of amazing places. He found me a neat amethyst point at the side of the road in Argentina, just lying there. Someone else brought me back a quartz lazer point cluster from as close to the birthplace of the Dalai Lama as you can get these days, and yet another freind brought me a rock from near the oracle at Delphi. These days I have to label them as I am now finding it hard to remember where they all came from. Gives a whole new meaning to asking someone for some rock from their holidays; over here it’s usually the sweet and sticky variety that rots the teeth!

  4. shelleymhouse Says:

    My grandmother loved to collect rocks from the places she loved to visit. Your collection sounds very exciting! I’m curious how you are labeling them. I remember my grandma putting stickers on hers, but they kept falling off.
    I hadn’t heard about the lyre and the turtle shell — how cool!

  5. viv66 Says:

    My freind has started writing in fine pen ink before sending them…He dropped by in late April but we were out; I do wish he’d ring the day before coming so we can make sure we’re home!!!
    I intend to maybe mark a small number on each and then enter it in a book..or not!

  6. shelleymhouse Says:

    Or it just occurred to me — with digital cameras now, it would be easy to take a pic of each rock and create a little catalog 🙂

  7. viv66 Says:

    That’s a good idea. I don’t think my camera is god enough to capture the details though.

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