Old Turtle: New Tricks?

Is it possible to teach an old turtle new tricks?

This is not at all what I was expecting when I started this piece. This past year I have been trying to integrate my text into my images, but today I fell back on one of my older formatting tricks, just keeping the image and text separate.

I might try another variation on this tomorrow. I like the color scheme. Maybe I’ll try to turn the entire composition into a stained-glass window design. Buy this print


2 Responses to “Old Turtle: New Tricks?”

  1. Bonny Says:

    Shelley, this would be an amazing piece done up as stained glass!! That is something I would like t learn some day, but so far I haven’t found anyone near where I live to teach something like this. One day…

    Thanks for your comment on Bonny’s Coffee Cups. If you are interested; I have my primary blog at http:// bonnyracca. typepad.com (copy the url and join up the spaces) I’m still travelling and haven’t had too much time to connect to the internet, but there is a story there, too.

  2. viv66 Says:

    I have a friend I did my degree with (hers was half French mine Half English, we did the latin together) who went on to become a stained glass artist.
    I often think that art(be it visual art or literary or whatever) has a life of its own that it choses us to help it be born; these births are often the most original work. They are the ones where we say at the end, well that wasn’t what i set out to do, but hey, I like it!!

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