Orange Day

Yay! I can finally post this. I was having trouble expressing my orange-ness when everyone else was being green.

My daughter has been reading about Basho, the Japanese poet. It inspired me to write a haiku for my “Orange Day” piece. Now, is “orange” one syllable, or two? My dictionary says it can go either way. Cool!

Orange day in the sun
Warm my flesh and warm my heart
Orange night I still glow

I thought I would try translating this into Czech, where I see that orange is 4 syllables. That’s going to give me some extra syllables!

Oranžová den na slunci
Teplé mé tělo v teplé a me srdce
Oranžová noci já ještě dává světlo

Yikes! That’s more than 5-7-5. Perhaps I can edit:

Oranžová den                             Orange day
Slunce teplé mé duše              Sun warms my soul
Já dává světlo                            I give light

That looks better, disregarding any translation mistakes for now. I’m not sure I will try translating haiku again, but it is easier than translating in rhyme!

I found a neat website that shows several different English translations of Basho haiku side-by-side. Some tried to keep the 5-7-5 format, some didn’t. Here’s the link, if you’re curious: Haiku Poet’s Hut


3 Responses to “Orange Day”

  1. ivdanu Says:

    Are you of Czech ancestry, shelley?( Because some of my favourite writers are Czech: Hasek, especially! and then I love the 1960-1970 Czech cinema!

    I wouldn`t be too severe about syllable and such… The first variant is great! (for the last verse I would have wrote :
    «I still glow orange in the night» or something like that…Just a suggestion…I did some «haiku» in romanian, when I was younger…)

    Thanks for your appreciation about the scarecrow…

  2. ivdanu Says:

    The image is also great…wonder if you can point your eyes toward the window with Photoshop…

  3. shelleymhouse Says:

    Thank you so much for your comments, Danu! My great-grandparents were Bohemian. I remember listening to them speak Czech when I was young, but I never learned it. I’ve recently become interested in this heritage again. As you point out, it is very rich in the arts.

    I was just reading that Romanian is a Romance language with Slavic influences. Interesting… I would love to read your haiku sometime.

    I’m happy you like the image.

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