The Lines of a Woman

     I started going to a new figure-drawing sketchgroup at the beginning of the year. This has been very exciting for me. I have a certain passion for the human body.

     I wasn’t very happy with my initial sketches. First of all, my skill with drawing from live models was a bit rusty. But I felt pretty confident that if I kept at it, I would get better eventually.

     Secondly, the model for my first couple sessions was male. Men are more difficult for me to draw-something about the angles in their lines. This makes me a little sad, since I have a tremendous amount of admiration for the male figure.

     The lines of a woman, on the other hand, have an energy that just flows onto the paper. Some may suggest that women are just more beautiful, but I disagree. What do you think?


6 Responses to “The Lines of a Woman”

  1. Carlos Rocha Says:

    Hi Shelly,

    Beautiful drawing, congratulations. I agree with you, men are more dificults, especially when make live drawings, despite the looks to be angles, remain organic forms. It’s a great challenge for us.

  2. shelleymhouse Says:

    Thank you so much, Carlos! Your own figure drawings are an inspiration to me.

  3. tanaudel Says:

    I found this as well. I don’t know if it is because I’m more familiar with the female form 🙂 but I find men more like architecture and women more like design.

  4. shelleymhouse Says:

    What a fascinating analogy! Thank you, Tanaudel.

  5. iondanu Says:

    Nice synthetic sketch, Shelley! I prefer women too not only because of the curves (Hogarth, I think, wrote a whole treaty about beauty being a curve thing…) but because most women skin seem to glow, their skinn has another quality (I find some men with that quality too but they were more on the feminine side…not so much hair, etc.) But I’ve done some pretty good drawings with men models too… Your sketch seem like a 1 or 2 minute sketch some nude workshops praise so much…personally, I prefer 10 or even 15 minutes pose…

  6. shelleymhouse Says:

    Thank you so much for your comments, Danu. I admire your nude sketches very much. You’re right, this is a 1 minute sketch. It seems the longer I work on a sketch, the worse it gets 🙂 But I hope to improve. I will post my 20 minute sketch next (I spent maybe 5 minutes on the figure, and 15 on the fabric she was laying on 🙂 )

    I will look into Hogarth. That is very interesting. Thank you.

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