Leopard in a Pink Cage

Click here to find out more about the beautiful Amur Leopard, the world’s rarest big cat.

Amur Leopard Conservation


5 Responses to “Leopard in a Pink Cage”

  1. Miki Says:

    This is a beautiful piece of art, Shelley, and a wonderful title for it. Some people in cafe Crem would be interested to see it, I am sure, as they were curious (me too) how you would paint the leopard spots… I will put a link to you there now, in case they forget to check your blog!

  2. The leopard never changes his spots « Café Crem: “Proverbs & Sayings” Says:

    […] Some days ago Shelley told us about her intention to paint the beautiful Armur Leopard…  or at least his spots! Some of us were very curious to see how she would achieve that. She did it, and she did it beautifully: have a look here […]

  3. shelleymhouse Says:

    Thank you so much, Miki, for the comment and the link! I had considered posting it in Cafe Crem, with some suggestion to create my own proverb…When Spring Fever arrives, I feel like a leopard in a pink cage…or something like that 🙂 And I am starting to see the appeal of adding Russian to my art. I hope my translation is ok.

  4. Susan Cornelis Says:

    Beautiful painting Shellie! the colors and textures, very appealing. Somehow reminds me of those old fashioned records too.

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