Overcoming my fear of white paper

Do you ever walk into a bookstore and drool over the beautiful leather-bound journals? Knowing myself, I would get one of those home, and I wouldn’t be about to write in it. Fancy journals seem too precious for my random thoughts. I sit and stare at the blank page, utterly intimidated.This journal is not so intimidating:


I have been scribbling in it already-one short poem, this blog. And I might write my shopping list in it soon, if I am forced to sit in this waiting room much longer (different story). It is a nice, portable size, and I like the wire binding. Best of all, it was really easy and inexpensive to put my own art on the cover. It’s a wonderful boost to my self-esteem.

If little things like this excite you as much as they do me, check out Cafepress.com. You can make your own custom journal, or even buy one of mine (international shipping available). They make coffee cups, too! I think I’ll write more about that in my next blog…


10 Responses to “Overcoming my fear of white paper”

  1. bookbabie Says:

    Keep writing Shelley:)

  2. Keith Porterfield Says:

    Nice reality. I know how you feel about the white paper. I have often bought one of these for my significant other with the intent of writing a poem for her in it…only to find that i could not bear to defile the pages with my writing. I wonder if she did? Anyway, I’m adding you to my blogroll to keep up with your musings. I’m at http://www.richpor.wordpress.com



  3. Miki Says:

    Beautiful Books and mugs, Shelley! If I was around the corner, i would surely buy you some!
    I was in Cafepress, because I would be interested to do such books too. Can you tell me if the paper is suitable to draw with pen or ink? And I wonder how you succeeded to make the motive so big on the cover, when I try my stays quite small, even when I take the maximal heifght. Any tip for me?

  4. shelleymhouse Says:

    Thank you all for your comments!

    Miki–I would say yes, the paper is suitable for pen and ink. I have been sizing my images for each product in Adobe Photoshop before loading them into Cafepress. For a journal, the finished size is 5″x8″, which is 1000 pixels by 1600 pixels at a resolution of 200 pixels/inch. If your resolution is too small, your image may not get big enough for the cover. I hope this helps! I would love to see all my friends making their own books 🙂

  5. mayaritte Says:

    It happens to me also. I see a nice leather binded journals and I grab them. I have a collection waiting for the right thought and idea, but those never come near my brain, so the journals are there, in my office, waiting till doomsday for teh right stuff. i don’t wnat to damage them.

  6. Miki Says:

    Thanks so much, Shelley, for the info. It was very helpful and I will soon order some of these journals, and perhaps other products too! They really look nice these books!
    How is your French progressing?
    Have a nice Sunday!

  7. Miki Says:

    Bonjour Shelley!
    I am looking everyday if you show us something new which you have scribbled in this wonderful journal… please please please, show us! 🙂

  8. shelleymhouse Says:

    Thank you so much for stopping by Miki! Actually, my last scribble went to Danu. I have an idea for a new painting. I just need to sit down and do it.

  9. organicsyes Says:

    Hi Shelley,
    Just stopping by…I feel the same way about the white pages. I have found that having many “school lined” books keeps the random jotting exciting and lengthy. For those special, fabulous journals, I find I need a particular purpose….then fill it with just those thoughts that fit snugly on the pages.

    Thanks for your site. I will return often!

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