Who do you tell your secrets too?

Inspired by a recent post by Michael Pokocky in the Coffee Cup Club.


10 Responses to “Secrets”

  1. ozymandiaz Says:

    You should be careful telling your secrets to the wind. Moving air is very poor at holding a secret, all someone has to do is listen and a million whispers can be heard, secrets each one.

  2. shelleymhouse Says:

    hahaha…that’s a very good point 🙂 Thank you for stopping by!

  3. michael pokocky Says:

    Finally I have a tree online to come and visit when I can’t make it to the lake. Thanks Shelley for sending so much positive energy everywhere you go. You are in my admiration.
    Kind Regards,

  4. shelleymhouse Says:

    Awww…You’re so sweet. Thank you, Michael. Your comment means so much to me. I might post more trees soon. They are very special to me. Almost as special as coffee…

  5. michael pokocky Says:

    *Kiss Kiss* & don’t forget to hug a tree. haha!

  6. wrjones Says:

    So, why do you want to share your secrets?

  7. shelleymhouse Says:

    Hmmm…good question.

  8. Shelly creates secrets inspired by trees+ « Philosophis+ Says:

    […] inspired by trees+ Shelly another member of “Café Crem”: The Coffee Cup Club creates Secrets which she says was, Inspired by a recent post by myself in the Coffee Cup […]

  9. Ryan Says:

    I like this a lot. I could see myself graffitiing this in the financial district.

  10. shelleymhouse Says:

    Thanks, Ryan. That sounds like fun.

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