the birds…

 Something I wrote back in June that I felt like sharing today:

The rain started down as soon as we got to the trail. Not too hard, not for too long. The trees caught most of the drops before they reached us. The air was thick and heavy. The smell of the crushed asphalt path we walked on was very strong. But there were a few brief moments when the sweet smell of the forest blew down to kiss my face. We were very excited to see a baby turtle swimming in the lake. There were lots of fish to watch, too. There is a special energy in this place–warm and calming.

I come here to listen to the birds–I almost forgot to listen today. The birds sounded happy. They told me to love my babies.

This is the poem that came to me the last time I visited this spot, in February:

A Bird Without Flight

My heart still soars

Every night at arm’s length;

The struggle tires me-

I prepare to rest

Surrendering to earth,

I wrap comfort around me;

Making peace with this place,

This nest.

I had recently drawn this bird, and I couldn’t figure out why it only had one wing.

I’m trying to remember a time, if there ever was one, when every day didn’t feel like a struggle. There must have been. I wonder what it felt like.

In yoga class, we are always reminded to let go of the struggle when in a pose. Am I holding on to something somewhere that I just need to let go of? I guess I will need to breathe, and think about this.


8 Responses to “the birds…”

  1. Yolanda Says:

    How symbolic, Shelley, but only you can know what the solitary wing means. Keep it alive in your memory when you retire to sleep every night for a few days. Something must come to you in dreams.

  2. shelleymhouse Says:

    Yes, dreams can bring some amazing clues. Thank you, Yolanda.

  3. Carlos Rocha Says:

    Beautiful poem and bird, congratulations. I linked your blog on my blogroll.

  4. shelleymhouse Says:

    Wow! Thank you so much, Carlos! I really appreciate that 🙂

  5. wrjones Says:

    Enjoyed your poem. Thanks for sharing.

    If you like the sound of birds I would recommend looking into “Atmosphere Deluxe”. This is software available on the net. I’m not sure what the newer versions offer but the version I have allows setting randomly timed bird/insect/animal/trains/bell sounds that play as background on your computer/mp3 player.

    There are 53 types of birds and I think about 35 insects as well as cows, horses, sheep.

    They sound so natural you would swear you are in the countryside.

  6. shelleymhouse Says:

    Thank you, Bill 🙂 Most recordings I’ve heard like that don’t sound very natural. I will check this one out!

  7. kevmoore Says:

    Further to Bill’s comment, there is a track by one of my favourite bands, XTC, from the album Skylarking. It’s called Summer’s Cauldron, and features the sound of the countryside gradually blending into the intro of the song, it evokes English summers so perfectly! Here’s a taste of the lyrics:

    Drowning here in Summer’s Cauldron
    Under mats of flower lava
    Please don’t pull me out this is how I would want to go
    Breathing in the boiling butter
    Fruit of sweating golden inca
    Please don’t heed my shout I’m relaxed in the undertow

    When Miss Moon lays down
    And Sir Sun stands up
    Me I’m found floating round and round
    Like a bug in brandy
    In this big bronze cup
    Drowning here in Summer’s Cauldron

  8. shelleymhouse Says:

    Such a lovely song! Your musical references are wonderful, Kev 🙂

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