Hold me close, Keep me warm

Don’t we all want someone to hold us, to nurture us, protect us? I understand this need so much more deeply now that I have children.

I did this quick drawing from a magazine ad, but its meaning grows for me each day. Do you know someone who can use a hug today?



14 Responses to “Hold me close, Keep me warm”

  1. noureddine EL HANI Says:

    Thank you for your nice comment. Il y a de la poésie dans votre douce revolte !

  2. shelleymhouse Says:

    You are most welcome 🙂 Thank you for stopping by to look at my art!

  3. Miki Says:

    I can use a hug each instant of day and night, Shelley! And I am in such a wonderful relationship that I get my thousands hugs a day!
    But there is somebody, a very old lady, who has not that chance, and is deeply longing for this tenderness…
    her husband is from that kind of men, who think hugging is a weakness…
    I do what I can when I see her…
    she is my mother, he is my my father!

  4. shelleymhouse Says:

    That is lovely, Miki. I think of my grandfather, after my grandmother passed away. How grateful he was to get a kiss on the cheek when I would visit. I’m feeling all nostalgic now….
    Thank you for stopping by!

  5. Yolanda Says:

    Miki, my father was like that and I know from heaven now he wished he had hugged my mother as proof of his affection- whioch I think she longed for. I do not doubt he loved her and us very much but the circumstances of his life did not put him in a position to learn to show love. We can change that in our generation

  6. shelleymhouse Says:

    Yes, we can change that. Thank you so much, Yolanda.

  7. Almost Every Day... Says:


    Inspired by Shelley’s Blog, full of good things and hope.

    Not a mistake… This is a long story that will not be told here. My nephew saw a little person with 4 fingers, standing in the air and glowing. A good beginning for a long story. Se…

  8. wrjones Says:

    My sister went for a Phd at Champaign – Urbana and I attended UHigh in Normal. This is the type of drawing you need in that climate. Here you would have to change it to don’t hold me it is to darn hot.

  9. shelleymhouse Says:

    That’s funny! Where do you live now? It is hot here in Georgia most of the time. I’ve been here about 6 years now. Long enough to feel like a wimp in the cold the few weeks it gets below freezing.

  10. michael pokocky Says:

    Hey Shelly. The conversation here is delightful. On our hugs for our parents when my father died two years ago I had the chance to tell him he was my hero and I was stroking his hair and it was so surreal. But as with all children I asked my dad how I should live out the rest of my life and he told me, Think like you’re twenty one again. Yes to hugs and yes to giving them before its to late. Who cares what we get out of it after all I think a hug is unconditional act of kindness and respect. I want you to keep right on doing what you love because I can sense a certainty there and that means that you are being true to yourself and to others. Cheers & hugs, hugs, hugs…

  11. shelleymhouse Says:

    Thank you, Michael, for stopping by with all these extra hugs! And for sharing your lovely story.

  12. Stylish Tailor Says:

    Oh, great and intresting post! I will give link on your blog to my daughter.
    Marry Christmas!

  13. irophocortied Says:

    Nice site keep it up!

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